What is the Best Battery for Ice Fishing in 2021 ?

If you want to power your ice fishing finder or underwater fishing camera with Lithium battery, the best choice is LiFePO4 battery, some reasons you need to know as belows,

1. Adcbatt LiFePO4 batteries have double fishing time.
2. Adcbatt LiFePO4 batteries have longer cycle life, 2000-6000times. Save more money than SLA batteries.
3. Adcbatt LiFePO4 batteries' weight is 60% less than SLA batteries.
4. Adcbatt LiFePO4 batteries has a flat voltage curve at 12V, you can get more capacity at 12V than SLA batteries.
5. Adcbatt LiFePO4 batteries can work at -29°F ( negative 20 degree), you can power your ice fishing in the winter.

We recommend our 12V 7.8Ah Adcbatt LiFePO4 battery or 12V 16Ah Adcbatt LiFePO4 battery.


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